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To Create Extraordinary Quality for Building The Centenary XINGQIU Brand

  • Marvelous Service Quality

    Strengthen the technical research and cooperation to attain the remarkable graphite products.

    Marvelous Employee Personality

    Optimize the service system, improve the service quality, and achieve the extraordinary enterprise services.

    Marvelous Employee Personality

    Pursue the thanksgiving culture, consolidate the enterprise culture construction, and make each employee a better person.

  • A Centenary Enterprise Development

    Through instantly creating values to the society, the enterprise could survive over one hundred years.

    A Centenary Culture Inheriting

    Through the enterprise culture construction, the culture inheriting could also last over one hundred years along with the centenary enterprise development.

    A Centenary Brand Influence

    The brand could affect over one hundred years, while the society changing, technology developing and enterprise products & services evolving.