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Graphite Column

Graphite Column

SMT Graphite Rectification Column

Range of Application

The graphite materials could be processed into various of columns thanks to their anticorrosive, thermal resistance and easy processing capacities.

As the most popular heat transfer and mass transfer device applied in chemical production, the rectification column achieves its separation purpose through the principle of different component volatility in the mixture, namely the component vapor pressure differs from each other at the same temperature.

It’s suitable for the separation of corrosive mediums, such as HCL acid concentration, cyclochloropropane and dichloropropanol refining etc.

Performance features

* Multiple types of columns are processable

* Tailor made liquid distributor

* Graphite packing or plastic packing

* High resistance to thermal shocking

* Excellent thermal expansion coefficient

* Easy for maintenance

* Working life over 10 years

* Max endurable temperature 200℃

* Customized design

Technical Characteristic

Design pressure -0.1~0.6MPa
Design Temp. 200℃
Medium Corrosive medium
Column diameter ~3000mm
Height ~40000mm
Packing type Bulk packing / structured packing / corrugated packing
SMT Graphite Rectification Column