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Graphite Storage Tank

Graphite Storage Tank

SCK Graphite agitating reactor

Range of Application

The graphite material is suitable for heat transfer between corrosive mediums, which could endure most acids, alkalis and other corrosive mediums thanks to its excellent anticorrosive and heat transfer capacities. The thermal conduction efficiency is higher than carbon steel and glass lining by 4 times and 10 times accordingly, while possessing the excellent resistance to thermal shocking and easy for maintenance. It’s an ideal equipment to replace the glass lined reactor, which has solved the problem that the glass lined reactor is easy to explode and break down.

Performance features

* High resistance to thermal shocking

* Excellent heat transfer and thermal expansion coefficient

* Easy for maintenance

* Working life over 10 years

* Volume could reach 50m3

* Max endurable temperature 200℃

* Suitable for heating or cooling

* Abrasion resistance after surface treatment

* Customized design

Technical Characteristic

Name Process side Service side
Design pressure



Design Temp.




Corrosive medium

Water, steam or conduction oil


500L ~ 50000L

SCK Graphite agitating reactor