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Graphite Storage Tank

Graphite Storage Tank

Graphite flashing separation tank

Range of Application

The graphite materials are often applied in evaporation conditions, especially used as flashing separation tank and materials collection tank thanks to their extraordinary anticorrosive, thermal resistance and anti thermal shocking capacities, which could endure the ultimate vacuum and a higher temperature, anticorrosion and pressure bearing compared with other materials.

Performance features

* High resistance to thermal shocking

* Excellent heat transfer and thermal expansion coefficient

* Easy for maintenance

* Working life over 10 years

* Volume could reach 50m3

* Max endurable temperature 200℃

* Anti-abrasion after surface treatment

* Carbon fiber reinforced to improve pressure bearing capacity

* Customized design

Technical Characteristic

Name Process side
Design pressure -0.1~0.6MPa
Design Temp. 200℃
Medium Corrosive medium
Volume 500L ~ 60000L
Graphite flashing separation tank