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Integrated Devices

Integrated Devices

Sulfuric acid dilution and cooling system

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Application background:
Sulfuric acid is a widely used industrial raw material while its concentration sold in market is usually around 98% ,which need a further dilution to meet the different processes conditions.
Technical description:
Sulfuric acid dilution and cooling system is composed of graphite jet pump mixer, graphite cooler, connecting pipes, instruments and control cabinet etc. It could dilute the 98% sulfuric acid at any required concentration, the diluted sulfuric acid outlet temperature is controlled under 45℃. The single unit system could meet a dilution capacity up to 20m3/h of 98% sulfuric acid.
Sulfuric acid dilution and cooling system could be integrated on a united foundation in terms of skid-mounted then delivered to the project site, which dramatically cutting down and contributing a lot to the project construction progress in the installation, test and commissioning periods of equipments, pipes and instruments.

Process in brief :
The concentrated sulfuric acid and dilution pure water inside the mixer mixed drastically and releasing plenty of heat under the graphite sulfuric acid dilution and cooling system, then delivered to the downstream cooler quickly. The diluted sulfuric acid and recycled cooling water inside the cooler perform a convective heat transfer with each other through separated bore tunnels of graphite blocks, the dissolving heat of concentrated sulfuric acid was transferred into the recycled cooling water, the diluted sulfuric acid temperature at the system outlet could be controlled within the requirements. The shell side of the graphite cooler could also be specialized treated to meet other corrosive cooling mediums, or thermal coupling with external system to improve the energy utilization efficiency.
Technical Characteristic:
Dilution load of concentrated sulfuric acid, count by 98% ≤20m3 / h
Process side pressure


Service side pressure


Diluted sulfuric acid outlet temperature