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Graphite Tube

Graphite Tube

SPZ Type Graphite Jet Mixer

Range of Application

With excellent anticorrosive capacity and thermal resistance, the graphite is suitable for heat transfer in corrosive mediums, which could endure most acids, alkalis and other corrosive mediums.

SPZ type graphite jet mixer is mainly used in vacuumizing or mixing of two mediums, suitable for corrosive environment of high temperature.

Performance features

* High resistance to thermal shocking

* Thermal resistance up to 200 ℃

* Easy for maintenance

* Working life over 10 years

* Anti-abrasion after surface treatment

* Customized design

Technical Characteristic

Model Nozzle a Nozzle b Nozzle c Flow rate Swept volume
SPZ-150 DN150/125 DN200/150 DN150/125 88m3/h 250m3/h
SPZ-125 DN125/100 DN150/125 DN125/100 56m3/h 180m3/h
SPZ-100 DN100/80 DN125/100 DN100/80 36m3/h 110m3/h
SPZ-80 DN80/50 DN100/80 DN80/50 14m3/h 72m3/h
SPZ-50 DN50/32 DN80/50 DN50/32 6m3/h 28m3/h
SPZ Type Graphite Jet Mixer