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Company Introduction

Company Introduction

XINGQIU have been constantly awarded as State Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise, Hi-tech Enterprise, State Torch Program Implement Enterprise, Science & Technology Little Giant of Jiangsu Province in spirits of Profession, Proficiency, Distinguishment & Innovation, Safety Standardization Classified Enterprise, Quality Credit AAA rated Enterprise of Jiangsu Province, Intellectual Property Leading Performance Enterprise in accordance with ISO9001, ISO14001 & ISO 18001 Management Systems, Field AAA Credit Enterprise and Industry-University-Research Demonstration Enterprise etc. XINGQIU is the leader in the field production and sales during the past few years, and we were awarded among the state top 20 anticorrosive enterprises and the No.1 in non-metallic pressure vessels field in 2012. In 2013 we’re honored with Chinese large graphite chemical equipment research and development base. In 2015 we’re recognized as Chinese Meritorious Enterprise in anticorrosive field.

With advanced research, experiment and inspection instruments, we built both the engineering technology center and enterprise technology center of Jiangsu Province. We have related inventions and practical innovative patents more than 100 items, including invention patents 36 items. Several products and process technologies were awarded with science & technology progress and patents prizes.

XINGQIU is dedicated to provide customers with systematic mass transfer, heat transfer, anticorrosive equipments and process solutions. Our main systematic devices and projects are including HCL synthesis (absorption) system, HCL gas drying system, MVR/ Multi-effect evaporation system, HCL acid deep (regular) desorption system, waste water (exhaust gas) treatment system, sulfuric acid concentration system, flue gas treatment system etc.

Our major products involve 2 (3, 4) in 1 HCL synthesis units with by-product steam for optional choose, cylindrical block hole heat exchanger and absorber, shell & tube heat exchanger and absorber, graphite desorption column, rectification tower, absorption column, quenching tower, graphite agitating reactor, resin extruded tube, bitumen impregnated tube etc., near hundreds of types.

XINGQIU possess the vertical (φ4.5m) & horizontal (φ4m) impregnation and heat curing reactors, PTFE emulsion impregnation and plasticization equipments and carbonization treatment devices  with automatic control. CNC drilling machines (drilling depth 2m), lathes, lifting cranes and others machines.

With advanced facilities and outstanding quality, we’ve obtained the high recognition and affirmation of our clients and partners both domestic and abroad. A portfolio of our products and services have been exported to dozens of countries, including America, France, South Korea, India, Egypt, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Iran, Turkey, Russia, Uzbekistan, Indonesia and Denmark etc.