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Technical Consultancy

As one global graphite equipment and systematic solutions provider, we offer you the complete technical supports from project engineering design, technical route selection, combined system supply, graphite equipment design, fabrication, installation, commissioning and start-up, as well as graphite material research and manufacture.

We could supply you with customized and proper systematic solutions any time upon to your requirements based on the previous mutual effective communication combined with our engineering and manufacturing experience.

  • 01

    Engineering project design and technical route selection

  • 02

    Combined system supply

  • 03

    Graphite equipment design, fabrication and installation

  • 04

    Project commissioning and star-up

  • 05

    Process route optimizing and upgrading

Pre-sales service

At the beginning of sale, we will have a professional sales engineer communicate with you in patience, to understand your needs, and choose the solution that best suits you. We accept tailor made services for your special demands.

In-sales service

From the second the equipment arrives at the customer’s site, the failure caused by the quality of the equipment is free of charge for maintenance within one year.

From the second the equipment arrives at the customer’s site, the failure caused not by the quality of the product itself is also guaranteed to be positively assisted for repair and maintenance.

After-sales service

We guarantee the lifelong supply of spare parts, and truly ensure that there is no anxiety for the purchase of our equipment. Our XINGQIU Customer Service Center is equipped with the dedicated maintenance engineers for a timely service to minimize the losses caused by the equipment shutdown.

Whenever you need help or any advice during using our XINGQIU products, please feel free to call our service center and we will do our best to serve you.


For the chemical systems under a long-term operating, we need to carry out a regular inspection and maintenance within the specified period to ensure that unfitted parts shall be cleaned, repaired or replaced in time for an optimal performance.

We have a proficient maintenance team, and from the initial supply of maintenance solutions to implementation, we will provide the professional services within the product life cycle.

Our engineers will be able to carry out the maintenance (high pressure cleaning, replacement of sealing and fasteners) on site according to the equipment’s working conditions. In case need to return to our factory for impregnation treatment, we have manufacturing plants in Jiangsu Province and Inner Mongolia for corresponding arrangement which is closer to the customer’s site so as to improve the efficiency and reduce the delayed periods caused by transportation.