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Graphite Heat Exchanger

Graphite Heat Exchanger

Cubic Block Hole Type Graphite Heat Exchanger

Range of Application

It’s mainly applied in pesticides, pharmaceuticals or cross-contamination risk conditions. We guarantee to offer the most suitable graphite heat exchanger through a deep understanding of customer conditions combined with our rich experience of many years and proper design with right material selection. 

It’s mainly used for mediums heating, cooling and heat recovery etc.

Performance features

* Modular design and spare parts services

* Multiple passes design available for process side

* Easy for operation and maintenance

* Small space occupation

* High thermal shocking resistance, sturdy and durable

* Corrosive mediums could be applied for both process side and service side

* Tailor-made services are available

Technical Characteristic

Name Process side Service side
Design pressure



Design Temp.




Corrosive medium

Water, steam and corrosive medium

Heat exchange area


Bore diameter

10mm,12mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, or even larger

Cubic Block Hole Type Graphite Heat Exchanger