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Graphite Absorber

Graphite Absorber

YKX-Z Combined absorber column

Range of Application

With small space occupation, high integration and high efficiency in absorption etc. advantages, it’s combined with packed column or bubble tower and cylindrical block hole type falling film absorber for application, through which to get rid of the heat generated during absorption and improve the absorption efficiency.

Performance features

* Small space occupation

* The liquid is distributed through overflow distributor, forming an excellent liquid film for a better absorption

* Multiple packing types for option

* Lower pressure drop

* Easy for cleaning maintenance and dismantling

* We could dispatch the spare parts in a short time upon to customer’s requirement, as we have a proper quantity in stock

Technical Characteristic

Name Process side Service side
Design pressure



Design Temp.




Corrosive medium

Cooling water

Heat exchange area

φ2 00~φ1000

Bore diameter

10mm,12mm, 16mm, 18mm

YKX-Z Combined absorber column