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Company News

Xingqiu graphite selected in China Science and technology list!

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September 27th
"National Feelings •2023 the fourth China Science and Technology Summit" site
Caijing magazine united
Science and Technology Data Research Center (SMDC)
Results of the 4th anniversary of the Science and Technology Board
Eight awards were announced
Our company was successfully evaluated
2023 Science and technology board hard technology leader
"National Feelings - Science and Innovation Board Annual Selection" was officially launched in May 2023, lasting more than four months, with Lyon Business School as an academic support to provide research support, relying on a professional evaluation system, through field visits, data analysis, review meeting discussion and other links, strictly select listed companies that have made outstanding contributions to China's science and innovation board.
Xingqiu Graphite was founded in 2001, is a national manufacturing single champion demonstration enterprise, China's large-scale graphite chemical equipment research and development production base. The company has advanced research and development, experiment and testing equipment, has built Jiangsu Province anticorrosive energy-saving graphite equipment engineering technology research center, Jiangsu Province waste heat recycling graphite system device engineering research center, Jiangsu Province enterprise technology center and Jiangsu Province Industrial design center and other provincial R & D platform 4.
The products developed by the company belong to the field of high-end equipment, with energy-saving and environmental protection attributes, the main products are included in the National Strategic Emerging Industries Catalog (2018), and the core technologies are included in the National Industrial Energy-Saving Technology Application Guide and Case (2019), which has become a demonstration case of energy-saving technology.
Up to now, the company has authorized 203 patents, including 55 invention patents, led and participated in the formulation of 20 international, national, industry and group standards, won the second prize of Jiangsu Province Science and Technology, China Patent Excellence Award, and won the industry science and Technology Progress Award and patent award many times.
Looking forward to the future, the company will further do specialized, fine, excellent and stronger, and make due contributions to China's scientific and technological innovation.