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Company News

Xingqiu Graphite participated in Vietnam International Chemical Exhibition

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Vietnam is not only a key country along the Belt and Road, but also one of the Asian countries with the fastest economic growth in recent years. Vietnam International Chemical Exhibition is the largest and only professional chemical exhibition in Vietnam, attracting many chemical companies and professionals from all over the world to participate in the exhibition. Planet Graphite, as a representative of the domestic graphite equipment industry, recently participated in the Vietnam International Chemical Exhibition.
Our company set up a booth at the Vietnam International Chemical Exhibition
Show our graphite products and related solutions

Vietnam International Chemical Exhibition
Through the exhibition, our company has in-depth exchanges with many Vietnamese customers, and our products have been publicized and promoted in the Vietnamese market. In addition, the exchange also provided an in-depth understanding of the development trends and needs of Vietnam's chemical industry.
During the exhibition, we also visited potential customers in Vietnam, through field visits and face-to-face exchanges to further understand the production process and product needs of customers, so as to better serve customers.
Through the Vietnam International Chemical Exhibition and site visits, not only deepened our understanding of the Vietnamese market, but also expanded the cooperation space with Vietnamese customers.
In the future, our company will further strengthen the communication and cooperation with Vietnamese customers, and open up a broader space for the development of Planet graphite in the Vietnamese market.