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Company News

Xingqiu graphite has passed the AA evaluation of the "integration of industrialization and industrialization management system"

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Xingqiu Graphite Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Planet Graphite") has been certified by GB/T23001-2017 "Requirements for Information and Industrialization Integration Management Systems" and GB/T23006-2022 "New Capability Grading Requirements for Information and Industrialization Integration Management Systems", and has obtained the AA level evaluation certificate for the two integration management systems. This marks a new step for Planet Graphite in promoting industrialization and information integration.

What is "integration of industrialization and industrialization"
The integration of industrialization and informatization is an important national strategic measure taken by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China to break through the bottleneck of digital transformation and development of domestic enterprises, and promote industrial transformation and iteration. The aim is to cultivate innovative research and development capabilities of enterprises, build core competitiveness of enterprises, and have profound significance in promoting enterprise transformation and upgrading.
Currently, digitalization has become an indispensable part of enterprise management systems, involving the deep integration of informatization and industrialization. Xingqiu Graphite has been actively exploring the organic integration of information technology and corporate development strategies to better adapt to the development of the digital economy.
Technology Integration ▶▶▶
By combining information technology with manufacturing technology and utilizing technologies such as interconnected data, analog molding, and digital matching, we aim to achieve digitalization, intelligence, and automation throughout the entire product lifecycle.
Industrial Integration ▶▶▶
By integrating the two industries, we can achieve the upgrading and transformation of traditional industries. Introducing internet thinking and technology in the manufacturing process to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing.
Enterprise Integration ▶▶▶
Through data connectivity, promote information sharing and process collaboration among various departments within the enterprise, suppliers, and customers, and achieve operational optimization.
Talent Integration ▶▶▶
Cultivate composite talents who can adapt to the needs of the integration and development of the two industries, possess both traditional manufacturing skills and knowledge of information technology, and be able to flexibly respond to the development of manufacturing information technology.
Integration of industry, academia, and research ▶▶▶
Strengthen cooperation with major universities and research institutes, promote the transformation of scientific research achievements into practical production and market applications, and achieve a virtuous cycle of technological innovation and industrial development.
In the future, the company will take the AA level evaluation of the integrated management system of industrialization and industrialization as a new starting point, closely focus on the requirements of high-quality development, adhere to quality as the cornerstone, innovation as the driving force, digitalization as the driving force, promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial institutions, comprehensively standardize the enterprise management process, and continuously improve the company's comprehensive capabilities.