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Company News

Another set of waste sulfuric acid concentration EPC equipment has been successfully put into operation

Date:2023-12-27 10:33:00 Fonts:
Recently, our company successfully commissioned and started the EPC plant for concentrating 20000 tons/year (75% dilute sulfuric acid) of waste sulfuric acid in the chemical raw material and chemical product manufacturing industry.

The project team members went through a process of over 70 days, including on-site training, inventory counting, equipment hoisting, pipeline connection, electrical and instrument installation, blowing and pressing, three inspections and four confirmations, and commissioning and start-up. The entire process took more than 70 days, and ultimately achieved a successful one-time start-up of the equipment and perfect delivery to the owner.

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01. Device background:
In response to the call for a resource circular economy, an economic development model characterized by resource conservation and recycling, and harmonious with the environment. In response to the problem of the inability to treat the hazardous waste dilute sulfuric acid generated in the production plant, it is urgent to equip a treatment system to turn dilute sulfuric acid into treasure, and the concentrated sulfuric acid will continue to be transported as material to the production workshop.
02. Design basis:
Design a secondary concentration device based on the physical characteristics of dilute sulfuric acid. Select equipment, instruments, and supporting process pipelines with high reliability, safe and stable operation based on the material working conditions of high temperature and negative pressure.
03. Construction significance:
The completion of this device marks a solid step for planetary graphite towards a circular economy. Hazardous waste does not require outsourced treatment. Through this sulfuric acid concentration device, it is successfully converted into concentrated sulfuric acid for use in other workshops, turning waste into treasure.
04. Economic benefits:
The completion of this device will effectively reduce the operating costs of the customer's device and achieve the treatment and reuse of waste sulfuric acid. According to rough estimates, the outsourcing cost of sulfuric acid treatment is calculated at 800 yuan/t, and this set of equipment can save customers 16 million yuan.