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Caring for Employees and Warming People | Xingqiu Graphite Organization Conducts 2024 Employee Health Examination

Date:2024-04-23 11:57:00 Fonts:
The body is the capital of revolution, and a healthy body is the foundation for us to meet work challenges and the primary prerequisite for enjoying a happy life. To care for the physical health of employees and provide them with a "health umbrella". On April 22nd, employees of Xingqiu Graphite Organization Company underwent an annual routine medical examination.

The employees who participated in the physical examination arrived at the site early and conducted various examinations in an orderly manner. The examination included multiple items such as internal medicine, surgery, blood routine, liver function, kidney function, color ultrasound, tumor markers, etc.

Medical staff carefully and meticulously carry out every examination for employees, while also answering questions and providing health guidance to help employees understand their own health status, and providing reasonable suggestions for their future diet and lifestyle habits.

The company has always been dedicated to building a warm, humanistic, and emotional enterprise, and regards caring for the physical and mental health of employees as an important task.

Physical examinations not only enable all employees to timely understand their own health status, but also analyze the health status of employees through examination project data, which can guide employees to choose a scientific, civilized, and healthy lifestyle, prevent the occurrence of major diseases, and enhance the health awareness of all employees.