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Company News

Let's have a spring together!

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XingqiuThe spring breeze brushes against my face, and all things revive. Spring is the most beautiful season of the year and also a good time for hiking. In April, Xingqiu Graphite organized a two-day spring outing in Huzhou with the theme of "Green and Healthy Journey, Happiness in Progress" for employees in batches. During the spring season, everyone let go of their emotions and had close contact with nature, inspiring enthusiasm for work and life.

First stop: Moganshan

At 6:30 in the morning, everyone gathered at the company gate, ready to go. After nearly four hours, everyone arrived at the first stop - Moganshan.
Taking the Jingjiao car, we felt the thrilling 18 bends and steep slopes of the mountain road. The bamboo on the mountain was as green as the sea, and the mountain springs were clear and inexhaustible. Villas, pavilions, towers, and scenic spots of different styles were scattered everywhere. Moganshan is a place that brings people back to simplicity, allowing you to temporarily stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city and embrace nature again.
Second stop: the Taihu Lake Lake Dragon Dream

The bucket arch style pavilions are magnificent. By watching the performance of "Drunken Beauty of the Taihu Lake Lake", we can feel the solemn and stirring epic on the wetland of the Taihu Lake Lake for five thousand years.
The night view of the ancient town of the Taihu Lake Lake is even more intoxicating, as if you are in a beautiful dream. The lights are dazzling and reflected in the lake, like a magnificent picture.
Third stop: Wetland Park

A stunning wetland with a complete ecosystem. Everyone boarded the cruise ship together, enjoying the beautiful scenery. With the fluctuation of the water flow, they wandered between heaven and earth, breathing fresh air, and feeling the healing energy field of nature.

Fourth stop: Nanxun Ancient Town
As the saying goes, "It's better to take a walk in Nanxun than to travel all over Jiangnan." A water town with a lake silk civilization, Jiangnan has a distinct water charm, allowing us to see the prosperity of ancient times and feel the long and brilliant history of China.

The employees enjoyed the spring outing with ease and joy, with laughter coming and going, and the whole process was peaceful and leisurely. Everyone expressed that this outing not only appreciated the scenery, exercised their body, and cultivated their mind and body, but also deepened communication and enhanced friendship. In the future, they will devote themselves to various work with a more relaxed mood and full enthusiasm, and contribute to the sustained, stable, and high-quality development of the company.